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Our Mission

Mindset of Champions utilizes esports and the technology of today to empower youth who need it most to become champions of tomorrow.

Let us support your organization and the youth you serve to bridge the digital divide and decrease disparities in communities of color.

ABout us

Trying to rebuild the gap

Black Game Devs
Hispanic/Latino Game Devs
Black Video Game Professionals
Black Women in the Industry

Bringing Light to Youth

During the nationwide shutdown due to Covid-19, Mindset of Champions was able to pilot programming while assisting in bridging the digital divide gap among youth residents in the City of Philadelphia.

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  • Provided virtual and safe distance live programming to over 150 youth between young adults aged 11 to 20.

  • Our model is Learn.Play.Earn along with a credible messaging approach to working with young people.

  • We use a cross-disciplinary activity that builds skills and competencies that extend beyond mastering a game.


Mindset of Champions focuses on positively impacting the lives of disadvantaged youth throughout Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Mindset of Champions aims to identify more innovative ways to educate youth and motivate them to invest in themselves and take better control of their lives. After reviewing data and current trends in education, Mindset of Champions has come to learn that many students in underserved communities have stopped engaging in school and doing homework because of the loss of motivation.

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A coach with their student.

Our Values

Our values are based on our C.H.E.S.S acronym.

Character Development

We believe empowering the youth to become dreamers and doers. We strive to promote character development by teaching youth the soft skills needed to thrive.

Health and Wellness

We ensure that program participants understand the importance of taking care of their bodies and minds to have a healthy framework for success.


We believe learning and engaging with different career pathways through esports and entertainment technology.


We seeks to provide quality STEM education for all youth, with equal opportunities and brighter tomorrows all around. Mindset of Champions will effectively utilize time and money to make the world a brighter place for everyone.


We are led by those who aim to serve and believe in operating at an elevated level of honesty and transparency.

Student Spotlight

Meet Cole Murray, our resident intern from Temple University. Cole is a Business and Sports Management major with a passion for helping young people from his community through esports. Cole's favorite game is Rocket League

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Do you want to give back to your community? Do you love gaming and want to host an esports league in your facility? Click here to donate to Mindset of Champions incredible youth and teen curriculum and help us create a better future for kids who deserve every opportunity to achieve greatness—even in the face of the greatest adversities and disadvantages. Help us raise the tide and the youth of Philadelphia rise above.