About Us

Pro Am Live was established by a group of friends from North Philadelphia as a creative way to mentor students in their neighborhood. In 2017, the group noticed that gaming was a gateway to foster relationships with youth and move them to engage in serious conversations.

These organization founders saw that while playing games with the youth, the conversations were an opportunity to have a meaningful deep impact with each young person in an appropriate and relatable fashion. Thus began the quest by the group to create an organization that would mentor youth and adults in an environment where sharing past experiences and new found strategies could lead a young person to success with better decision-making and coping skills.

These founders realized that creating a safe supportive space and using e-gaming as a mode of learning, could assist their own neighborhood in combating many of the negative behaviors impacting the Philadelphia community. The motto of, “One player, One conversation, One block, and One community at a time” was the guiding theme in the organization's inception.

Since Pro AM Live’s creation these founding “brothers” have used e-gaming technology as away to connect and serve. From its beginning stages as a for-profit business, Pro Am Live has moved into the non-profit arena with the creation of Mindset of Champions, a 501C3organization.

In a world where technology is rapidly evolving, it's vital that we take the time to understand how these advancements will impact communities of color and those living in poverty.

At Mindset of Champions, we believe knowledge about technology and technology careers can help bridge the great divide for disadvantaged groups while empowering participants with cutting-edge skill sets needed to achieve their full potential.

All Star Team

Edward Kinnibrew

CEO & Founder

Edward Kinnibrew is the founder and C.E.O. of PRO AM LIVE. Prior to starting PRO AM alive, Ed was a nationally ranked professional poker player as well as an professional truck driver.

Born and raised in North Philadelphia, Edward serves as a true example of credible messaging, having once been a contributor toward criminality and juvenile delinquency. A proud father of four children, He is committed to providing opportunities to youth and believes that Esports is a great way to ignite creative exploration.

Coach Ford

The Commish

Homegrown Fruit from North Philadelphia

Ford is a father of three, and active Community supporter of the Strawberry Mansion section of Philadelphia. He is a part-time Gamer, and department head for NBA 2K at PRO AM LIVE.

Ford loves working with youth, especially through sports; who understands and empathizes how the youth can be misunderstood in these days and times.

"I know and understand that if you give kids boundaries, expectations, rules, limits, rewards and consequences - they will rise to the challenge and exceed your expectations every time."

Coach Safii

Student Support Specialist

Vice President of Peace + Love.

A Philadelphia native born and raised in the heart of North Philadelphia and proud Alumni of Simon Gratz High School with a strong passion for sports (basketball), and youth development. He is a specialist who loves advocating against violence, and has a passion for revitalizing his community by providing essential needs (food, clothing, and shelter) to people in need.

Safii is an entrepreneur, who owns real-estate, junk removal services and a Home Health Aide Agency.

He's also father of five and takes pride in taking care and providing for his family and friend being an extraordinary father figure and taking vacations.

Coach Cory

E-Sports Coach

A native of North Philadelphia and a proud Alumni of Bok Tech. As a student-athlete, he made the all-public football team.

He graduated from an HBCU in 2012 by the name of Edward Waters College and has been working in the mental health field working with the adults and youth for over several years. He's now working with PHA to empower the urban communities of Philadelphia.

Cory has a passion for football and working with the youth on and off the field. I love to give back to the youth and help them obtain the opportunities I missed so they can take advantage of them.

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Coach Rodreen

E-Sports Coach

Transition Liaison. Rodreen is a Philadelphia native and proud alumni of Benjamin Franklin High School. Graduating third in his high school class, Rodreen was a scholarly student-athlete, and one of the best football players in the public league.

Rodreen received both of his degrees at Cheyney University, earning a Bachelor of Science in Hospitality in 2010 and Master in Public Administration 2017. He has been employed with the School District of Philadelphia since 2011.

He began as a program assistant for the educational options program (EOP), tracking grant data and supporting adult students transition to post-secondary pathways. Currently, Rodreen continues with the opportunity network as a student transition liaison, working with families and helping students grow academically and social-emotionally. Rodreen has a strong passion for football and mentoring youth. Whether it is sports or life, he wants teens to maximize the moment.

"I love to give back to the younger generation the opportunities I missed so that they can take advantage of what I didn't. My favorite cheesesteak place in the city is Dalessandro's located on Henry and Walnut Lane. If you eating a cheesesteak anywhere else, you are wasting your cheat day!!"

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Be a part of an ecosystem of Corporate Philanthropy, Youth serving schools/organizations, and credible messengers dedicated to communities of color impacted by systemic barriers to success.. Our curriculum teaches students essential soft skills through esports like:

Communication, Teamwork, Problem-solving, Time management,Critical thinking, Decision-making, Organization, and Stress management techniques.

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Do you want to give back to your community? Do you love gaming and want to host an esports league in your facility? Click here to donate to Mindset of Champions incredible youth and teen curriculum and help us create a better future for kids who deserve every opportunity to achieve greatness—even in the face of the greatest adversities and disadvantages. Help us raise the tide and the youth of Philadelphia rise above.