Our Story

Mindset of Champions (MOC), is a youth and young adult serving organization dedicated to providing quality prevention and intervention programming designed specifically for communities of color impacted by systemic barriers to success.

With e-gaming as the primary mode of learning and training along with a credible messaging approach to working with participants, MOC is the premier organization for the nation’s most vulnerable and underserved populations.

Using state of the art technology while guided by properly trained adult role models, program participants are immersed in a holistic approach to positive youth development. Mindset ofChampions believes that knowledge of technology and technology related careers is an optimal way to decrease disparities amongst communities of color.

At Mindset of Champions, we’re so much more than just gamers that want to game. E-gaming encapsulates the best parts of competitive sports and entertainment and creates opportunities to explore industry leading career pathways for every participant in our program. We believe that, “it is not enough to just level the playing field, we must also ensure that our communities can create a field of their own”.

It is a multi-faceted, multi-layered program that allows students to passively learn hard/soft skills necessary to be productive in our ever-increasing technological society.

When it comes to esports 360 training in Philadelphia, Mindset of Champions has created an incredible number of resources for local schools and organizations to utilize. Through gamified and incentivized lessons students of all skill levels engage in fundamental gaming and learning.

Workplace readiness, soft life skills, and exposure to technology related careers are passively learned through our curriculum. All of our programs and services are designed to effectively engage with and onboard local schools and youth serving organizations. What does that mean?When you join the Mindset of Champions esports mentoring program, your students become a team representing your organization in our league.
Don't want to field a team? That's okay. We are always looking for sponsors to become league hosts. As a league host for our non-profit esports programs for students, your organization will serve as a home location for the Mindset of Champions league play. We set up equipment in your location and invite neighboring organizations to participate in league play at your location.

Why E-Sports?

esports is a Cross-disciplinary activity that builds skills and competencies that extend beyond mastering a game.

  • Promotes collaboration + teamwork

  • Increases academic & social engagement

  • Stimulates interest in S.T.E.M applications & concepts

  • Improves brain function, fine & gross motor skills

  • Widens the net for colliegate scholarship opportunities

  • It's FUN!

Do you want to give back to your community? Do you love gaming and want to host an esports league in your facility? Click here to donate to Mindset of Champions incredible youth and teen curriculum and help us create a better future for kids who deserve every opportunity to achieve greatness—even in the face of the greatest adversities and disadvantages. Help us raise the tide and the youth of Philadelphia rise above.